In today’s Dairy industry, vat pasteurization continues to be a commonly used process. Traditional controls use mercury in glass thermometers for the airspace and product references. As leaders in the sanitary marketplace, Anderson-Negele is proud to offer an all electronic controls package. Production plants utilizing vat pasteurization, along with small farmstead operations, no longer need to worry about dealing with hazardous materials.
First and foremost, this package consists of a dual pen circular chart recorder. The time proven AJ-300 series recorder is provided. This unit offers NEMA 4X wash-down protection in an enclosure that is easily wall or panel mounted. Front mounted displays provide convenience to the operator for monitoring the process.

Next, two dual element all stainless steel temperature probes are provided. One probe is used for monitoring airspace temperature, and the other for monitoring product temperature.
Each probe has an integral display, easily viewable by the operator. It is this display that replaces the traditional mercury in glass thermometer. One temperature element of each of the probes directly wires to the AJ recorder. This provides recording for the hot product, recorder pen one, and the airspace, recorder pen two. The remaining temperature element of each probe provides a signal directly to the integral display. This display functions as the airspace and product reference temperatures in each of the respective probes.

As in the traditional process, the operator simply views the temperature from the display on each of the probes, and matches to the recording trace on the recorder. As the temperatures on the reference probes are now digital, difficulty in reading mercury in glass thermometer scales is also eliminated.

Safety, accuracy and reliability; all in a simple to operate package.

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