Anderson electronic sensors require very little maintenance, if any. We suggest that the sensor be inspected at 6 month intervals to ensure that they are not being subjected to physically abuse, moisture entering the housing, and that the wiring is sound.

Please visit our Guides & Info page for video tutorials and product manuals. These guides should answer all of your questions.

If further assistance is needed please contact any of the 3 distributors listed below. They have been fully trained and certified to offer technical support on these Anderson sensors.

Anco Equipment

1070 E. Glenbrook Drive
Pulaski, WI 54162
(920) 569-3530

Dairy Technology USA

70 Treasure Lake
DuBois, PA 15801 / USA
(814) 591-6979

The Vat Pasteurizer

3130 Valleywood Dr.
Dayton, Ohio 45429
(800) 236-3956